The enamel on the surface of the teeth is strong, but it can break due to impact, such as when playing sports or biting down on a harder piece of food. Once the enamel on the tooth has been broken, it can lead to tooth decay, toothache, or aesthetic concerns. Dr. Massaband at ConfiDental can schedule an emergency appointment to resolve a broken or chipped tooth. 

Treatments for a broken tooth

The treatment for a broken tooth will reflect the extent of the damage to the tooth. The options for resolving these urgent dental issues include the following:


In some cases, the break in the tooth structure is more extensive and requires a custom crown restoration. An existing crown may chip or break, or a tooth may break due to a weaker structure, decay, or an impact. In either case, a custom crown can be placed to restore the tooth to a bright, healthy condition. 

Porcelain fillings

Custom porcelain fillings beautifully resolve minor breaks and chips. The filling fully repairs the tooth while blending perfectly with your natural color. These fillings are sturdy and long-lasting.

Dental implants

Sometimes, a tooth breaks off at the gum line, posing a more complex dental problem. The root may still be intact, decayed, or broken and cannot be repaired. Dental implants can restore a tooth that must be extracted. Dr. Massaband performs custom dental implants to restore teeth that look and function like natural teeth.


Custom porcelain veneers may be the ideal treatment for a broken or chipped tooth. This treatment involves placing custom-crafted porcelain shells and bonding the new tooth surface to the front of a tooth to resolve a break, chip, or gap and create the perfect tooth shape, size, and color.

Root canal

In some cases, the root of a tooth has become damaged due to a surface break which allows bacteria to enter the softer inner structure of the root. The infection can lead to severe pain and swelling. In these cases, a root canal can restore the tooth's health by removing any damaged tissue, and replacing it with a custom dental material, followed by a crown for complete tooth restoration.

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Why choose ConfiDental for a broken tooth?

At ConfiDental, treatments for broken teeth are performed with ultimate care. Dr. Massaband has a master’s degree in public health and a Doctorate in dentistry and delivers world-class dental care. Beyond her exceptional skills and artistry, her boutique practice provides concierge care, with appointments available off-hours to resolve urgent dental problems. Dr. Massaband thrives on assisting her patients to achieve optimal oral and dental health, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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