An infected tooth causes very uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms and requires immediate care. An infection can occur when bacteria are allowed to enter the soft interior of a tooth due to a cavity, untreated decay, gum disease, or through a cracked tooth.

Signs a tooth is infected

The symptoms of an infected tooth include:

  • Swollen gums and face
  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes under the jaw or on the neck
  • A red bulge on gum tissue
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Red gums
  • Earache, jaw ache, and fatigue
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A comprehensive dental exam is the first and most urgent step in treating an infected tooth. X-rays and a physical examination will reveal the source of the infection, and a treatment plan to be put in place. If the disease has led to pain, swelling, and discomfort, the treatment may require antibiotics before treatment can begin. The antibiotic medication will reduce the swelling and pain but will not treat the problems with the tooth. 

Treatments for a tooth infection

A tooth infection (abscess) may be treated with several approaches based on the extent of the damage to the tooth. The treatments for this condition can include:

Root canal

The inner part of the tooth (pulp) often needs to be removed in a root canal, one of the most effective ways to save an infected tooth. The pulp is cleaned out and replaced with a specialized dental material. 

Root canal with crown

A crown must be placed to protect the tooth structure after a root canal. If the infection develops on a tooth with a crown, the crown must be removed and replaced to save the tooth's health.

Dental bridge

A bridge is a natural-looking tooth restoration lasting many years. The bridge is attached to the two adjoining teeth with crowns, with a tooth restoration between the two crowns.


If the tooth is cracked or is damaged beyond repair, it may require extraction. A dental bridge or implant can restore the gap between the teeth left by the extraction.

Dental implant

A severely damaged tooth may not be able to be saved but can be replaced with a custom dental implant. The implant functions like the tooth root, with a new tooth placed atop the implant for a sturdy, functional tooth that looks and feels natural.

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An infected tooth is a painful, unpleasant condition and poses a real danger to overall health. The symptoms may not appear during working hours, but treatment must be performed immediately. At ConfiDental, our concierge practice offers emergency appointments after hours and on weekends to treat and resolve the symptoms of an infected tooth. Our founder, Dr. Liyan Massaband, is not your average dentist but a talented specialist in the full range of dental treatments, with a master’s degree in public health and a Doctorate in Dentistry.

Beyond her extraordinary skills, Dr. Massaband’s personalized care makes appointments fast, painless, and stress-free. Imagine the ultimate dental practice, where any dental condition can be treated with the most advanced techniques – you deserve the highest level of care when you need it, in comfort and total discretion.

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