Seek relief from your facial pain with our Beverly Hills dentist

Temporomandibular disorder, more commonly referred to as TMJ, is a condition that affects the jaw and its surrounding ligaments and muscles, resulting in earaches, tenderness in the jaw, headaches, and facial pain. At ConfiDental Beverly Hills, we provide facial pain therapy to address the symptoms of TMJ. Botox injections have been proven effective in resolving facial pain caused by TMJ. If you are suffering from facial pain, relief is just a phone call away. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Liyan Massaband today!

Achieve relief with facial pain therapy

Injecting Botox into specific trigger points can reduce or eliminate facial pain. ConfiDental Beverly Hills offers this treatment so that patients can live pain-free.

Here are some of the benefits of facial pain therapy with Botox:

  • It is a fast form of treatment
  • It is a non-invasive, non-surgical option
  • You may experience very minimal discomfort
  • It can significantly reduce tension in the jaw
  • It can minimize lockjaw
  • It can eliminate headaches
  • Results are noticeable after the first two days of treatment
  • You can resume your usual activities afterward
  • It can give all-day relief from your facial pain
  • It is considered a low-risk treatment and has very few complications, which are usually temporary

Injecting Botox into the jaw muscles can keep patients from excessively grinding their teeth, which means their teeth and gums will be protected. However, other functions, such as biting, speaking, and swallowing, will not be affected. Facial pain therapy with Botox lasts about three months, so you would need another session every 12 weeks or as recommended by Dr. Liyan Massaband. 

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Reach out to our experienced dentist in Beverly Hills

Dr. Liyan Massaband uses the most up-to-date techniques and treatments to care for her patient's oral health. Her practice, ConfiDental, is considered a one-stop shop for dentistry, committed to providing a wide range of services of the highest quality. She provides hands-on, personalized attention for her patients and optimal dental treatment so that every person she serves feels like they are receiving the best possible care. Instead of living with facial pain, contact Dr. Massaband for the exceptional treatment you deserve. 

What to expect from facial pain therapy

Although Botox is known for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it is also effective as a form of facial pain therapy caused by TMJ. It relaxes and retrains the muscles, and with repeated sessions, the effects of your treatment will last longer, and you will require less frequent sessions. During your consultation with Dr. Liyan Massaband, she will determine how many injections you may need for your condition. The treatment takes 10 to 15 minutes and requires no downtime so that you can resume your day without interruption.

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Learn more about facial pain therapy by scheduling a consultation at ConfiDental Beverly Hills

If you are suffering from facial pain, the Beverly Hills dentist at ConfiDental can help provide the effective relief you seek. With a master’s in public health and a doctorate in dentistry, Dr. Liyan Massaband has the experience and skill to provide optimal dental treatment with a personal touch. She is dedicated to patient satisfaction and seeks to make every visit a positive experience. 
You do not have to keep living with facial pain. Consult with Dr. Liyan Massaband about facial pain therapy and if this is appropriate for you. Call our office to schedule an appointment today! We also offer emergency same-day visits on weekends and after hours.

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