While dental cement connects a crown to the tooth structure firmly, the adhesive can degrade over time, causing the crown to loosen or eventually fall off. This is a dental emergency that must be resolved without delay. The problem makes eating difficult, exposing the tooth structure to damaging bacteria, which can lead to infection and decay.

Why choose ConfiDental in Beverly Hills?

At ConfiDental, treatments to resolve a loose or missing crown can be performed immediately, whether during regular business hours, after hours, or on the weekend. Your treatment will be performed by one of the most talented dentists in Beverly Hills, Dr. Massaband, who has a master’s degree in public health and a Doctorate in dentistry and is known for offering her patients world-class care. Her exceptional skills cover the full range of dental problems, including loose or missing crowns, all delivered at a boutique practice with concierge-style service from start to finish.

Treatments for a missing or loose crown

The treatment to resolve a loose crown may involve reattaching the crown with dental cement or removing any decayed sections of the tooth and creating a new crown. Dental crowns typically last about 15 years or can sometimes last longer.

If any crown feels loose, it should be checked immediately to avoid more extensive dental work in the future. The treatments for a loose or missing crown include:

Reattach existing crown

Some crowns are still in good shape and can be reattached if the problem is related to the dental cement rather than the crown. Only an examination will reveal if this is possible.

Replace the crown

An older, dislodged crown may need replacing with a new one. The natural tooth structure may require additional cleaning or removal of damaged tooth tissue.

Dental bridge

A dental bridge can fill the gap when a tooth requires extraction. Two crowns are placed on the adjoining teeth, with a replacement tooth created that appears to be natural. This treatment looks as if the tooth is natural but does not provide the protection against bone loss offered by an implant.

Dental implant

In some cases, the tooth structure beneath the crown has been damaged, with the tooth's root either decayed or cracked. In these cases, the tooth must be extracted and replaced with a bridge or a dental implant.

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