Dental implants are now the preferred option for replacing missing teeth because they use a conservative technique that doesn’t damage surrounding healthy teeth, like bridgework, and provides predictable results. However, getting a single dental implant carnage in prices depending on a variety of factors, including: 

  • The position of the implant site in the mouth
  • The experience of the oral surgeon performing the procedure
  • The location of the dental practice

Getting dental implants is also a lengthy process, so the cost will be distributed across the various steps including:

Tooth or Teeth Extraction 

This is usually the first step of your dental implant surgery. Unless you had the tooth/teeth professionally removed, there is a high likelihood that the site of the dental implant will still have some pieces of the damaged tooth present. Any tooth fragments must be completely removed to allow for proper site preparation before placing the dental implant. 

Bone Grafting / Sinus Lift 

If the implant site has signs of bone loss after tooth extraction, your oral surgeon may recommend bone grafting to build up the bone tissue and achieve a solid base to support the implant. This takes 2-6 months to heal before you can proceed with implant placement. I

Surgical Implant Placement 

When the site is ready, a dental implant (titanium post) will be placed into the bone using a special drill and tools. The surgeon will then place a “healing cap” over the implant before stitching up the gum. 

Temporary Crown 

You will have to wait for 2-6 months for the site to heal and the implant to integrate with the bone tissue. A temporary denture will be placed at the site for aesthetic purposes. 

Abutment Placement 

After successful integration of the implant to the bone, an abutment will be connected to the implant using a screw. 

Crown Fabrication 

A general dentist can then take an impression of the abutment and send it to the dental lab to fabricate your custom-made crown. Keep in mind that the choice of material for your crown will also affect the cost of your dental implant treatment.

Tooth Replacement – When the crown is ready, it will be secured to the abutment by cementing or with a screw

For more information on dental implants in Beverly Hills CA and to find out the cost of your individual treatment, please contact us today.

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