If you are looking to replace one or more missing teeth, or perhaps you’re looking for a more reliable alternative to old dentures, partials, or loose teeth, your dentist may recommend, and restore your oral health, function, and youthful vibrancy with dental implants.Dental implants are a revolutionary tooth replacement option which makes the cost of dental implants worth the expense to achieve the time-tested benefits.

 Implants are safe, reliable, and well-proven for permanently replacing one or more missing teeth. Many people have benefited from dental implants as the preferred long-term solution for excellent comfort and function, which they claim to be similar to having your natural teeth. 

Unlike other tooth replacement options, like bridgework and dentures, the placement of dental implants involves a minor surgical procedure, during which the implant will be placed in the jaw. This single factor makes the treatment more costly than other options. Dental implants lie in the category of implantology under restoration dentistry. They require specialist care that is typically more expensive than general dental care. Actually, they can only be placed by an oral surgeon, periodontist, or dentist with relevant advanced training and experience.

The other things that affect the cost of implants are:

  • Position of the tooth – replacing a front tooth usually involves a lot more work because of the minimal work-space available compared to a back tooth. In addition, the abutment used in the front teeth is usually more costly than the standard abutments used in back teeth placement. 
  • Thorough examination – the consultation process also includes a number of costly exams including diagnostic imaging (panoramic X-ray). 
  • Multiple, unique parts – each implant comprises three elements: the implant, abutment, and crown, all of which are made from different materials, through different processes, and are placed at different appointments. 
  • Additional procedures – some patients require periodontal treatment or bone grafts to prepare your gums and bone tissue for implant surgery and increase your chances of a successful procedure, which adds to the overall cost of treatment. 

Please visit your dental surgeon today to find out about the cost of getting dental implants for your specific case.  

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