Dental implants are a highly viable solution for replacing missing teeth. Essentially, they’re artificial teeth that are implanted into your jaw. Then, to make it look complete and natural again, a dental crown is capped on top of the implant after surgery is done.

Dental implants can replace: 

  • A single tooth 
  • Multiple teeth 
  • All of your teeth (implant dentures)

Dental Implants – Am I A Good Candidate?

A majority of patients qualify, although there must be enough room and bone integrity to provide support for the implant.Dental implants have rates of success up to 98% thanks to evolving techniques that include titanium posts being implanted into jawbones which then fuse with the surrounding bone (osseointegration). This process can take more than six months but offers superior stability over other traditional options like dentures or bridges

Next, we place an abutment connector onto the titanium implant where a dental crown can be placed. The dental crown will be made specifically to blend in with your teeth for a complete realistic tooth that looks so close to a real tooth that friends, family, and strangers will not even be able to tell the difference.

To find out if you’re a candidate for dental implants, please call us today!

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